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... here you will find various test charts (monitor and print) for color management quality assurance. These were created in the context of the - at that time commercial - activity of and are still available free of charge.

However, the test charts may not be changed. Furthermore, the author/creator is to be expressly named via link to the url:, should these be linked on a website outside of this one.

Black and white photography / test files, test charts (monitor):

riwodot_ RGB_0-255.tif (Gray gradient 0-255)

riwodot_ZRG.tif (Numbers / Ramp / Gradient)

riwodot_RPIC_II.tif (Grayscale, gradient and image)

riwodot_RGB_0-255 BlockRAMP.tif (Black and white point detection)

Black and white photography / test files, test charts (printer):

riwodot_RPIC_II_print_untagged_v2t.tif (Grayscale, gradient and image, untagged)

riwodot_RPIC_II_print_v2.tif (Grayscale, gradient and image, gray gamma 2.2)

riwodot_RGB_0-255 BlockRAMP_print.tif (Black and white point detection)

Info about black and white point detection of an inkjet printer (only german language)

Color photography / test files, test charts (printer/monitor):

riwodot colortest ( Colortest I; Filesize 119MB)

riwodot colortest ( Colortest II; Filesize 118MB)

Information about the Colortest I and II (only german language)

PhotoRGB vs. AdobeRGB

FineArt Print Paper Sizes

Various test charts on Northlight Images

Keith Cooper has been publishing very informative content about fine art printing on his web presence "
Northlight Images" and his Youtube-Kanal ™ for many years.